Permafrost ~ A Prophetic Message, Part Two

I spoke in my last posting, “Eight Words,” that I would share more of what I was shown prophetically for our country. Certain warnings are given many times and it is incumbent on us to realize that at some point the warnings will cease. At this point we’ll be held responsible for our inaction in not trying to bring Godly change and making right what is wrong. It is within our power to do so.

One warning He has shown me is the underlying hate in our country. It is rising to the surface at a faster pace every day. It is proving to be so insidious in how it is undermining all that is good in our country. The soil in this country contains both the word and Spirit of God planted to bring forth a crop to be used for His purposes. That same soil contains the blood of the innocents murdered and of those who could not come to agreement on what was righteous and settled their conflicts through war. We are at a crossroads of deciding what the right path is. There is only one.

This increase in the rise of hatred was shown to me as the example of “melting permafrost.” Rising temperatures have affected areas like Siberia and Arctic regions. This rock and soil has been frozen for thousands of years. Now it is melting and this has allowed rotting animal corpses and plants and mosses to release gases into the atmosphere that contain deadly bacteria and viruses like anthrax and smallpox. There are scientists that believe even some unknown diseases may be released. The animals that were once a stopgap for these diseases escaping are no longer there. Some have suggested reintroducing bison, reindeer, moose, and musk ox to these areas. Herds of these animals walking over these areas, compacted the snow so it didn’t remain fluffy and melt so easily. This would be akin to introducing right minded people into areas of discord and hate to tramp down what is infectious and evil. We are supposed to (Romans 16) tramp this evil beneath our feet. It is God that crushes this evil but he does this under OUR feet. We’ve abdicated this position of authority in too many instances. Just as it is imperative that we fix the problem of melting permafrost and that which is released from the ground, so must we remedy this hate that arises from our hearts.

We have allowed some people to have a voice in our lives that at one time we would have rejected outright. There are some who profess to follow Christ but take positions that cause more stress fractures in the hearts of too many. I’ll address this in a future prophetic posting. We are to have the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5), but instead, too often, see it replaced with hatred, contention, outbursts of wrath, and selfishness. Just as our mouth should not speak forth both blessings and curses (James 3), neither should our heart be open to both light and darkness. We will be of no use to Him like this.

We still have time to work to bring a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness to the forefront, but the change must start now. This spirit of racism, xenophobia, hatred, and even murder, is being fueled in ways that mirror emotions and actions from many years ago. Christians have come to tolerate and even accept the ugliest mindsets if it serves a purpose. What we hoped was getting better in our society was actually just below the surface and now is there for all to see. The permafrost of our souls is melting and what is being seen is alarming. Our position in the world, that I strongly believe to be God mandated, is diminishing. The light we are to be is dimming. We must be before Him that we may shine as He decreed. He is the light and any other direction not in step with Him leads to a ditch or even death. Like slow suffocation as the oxygen leaves the room. Breathe in His essence. Follow the one true path.

We must all hear His voice. Not in the chaos and turmoil we hear every day. He is in that still, small voice. We must listen for it with all that is within us. We are at a crossroads as spoken of in Jeremiah 6:16 that states, “Stand at the crossroads and look; Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said we will not walk in it.” When you find yourself off the right path, heed what He spoke in Isaiah 30, “This is the Way, walk in it.” If we are His sheep, we’ll obey His voice. We are still at a place where His mercy abounds. No matter how dark it may appear to be getting, hope in Him. I pray you abide under the shadow of the Almighty and you realize that He alone is your refuge and very present help in time of trouble. Trust Him. Blessings.

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