About Me

B.A. University of Connecticut

2002 Licensed by World Ministry Fellowship

2005 Ordained by World Ministry Fellowship

In April of 1992, I was in the hospital with my 3rd heart problem. The doctors were having difficulty trying to keep me stable and keep my LAD vessel open. It finally failed and I went into cardiac arrest for 18 minutes. They immediately had to open my chest up and started performing CPR.  For 14 of those minutes, they manually did CPR inside my chest with my heart in their hands. The doctors completed an emergency double by-pass surgery, but then told my family there was still a 50/50 chance that I might not survive.  And even though they performed CPR and massaged my heart to keep my blood circulating, there was also a 50/50 chance I could have brain or kidney damage from being in cardiac arrest for so long. Obviously, I survived. But the next week in the hospital was filled with supernatural manifestations of the Lord. I saw things that I won’t get into at this point and had dreams showing me what I would be doing for Him in my life.

Throughout my life I felt I knew things ~ sometimes ahead of time. I wrote it off to coincidence or maybe even being psychic. I was always a “believer,” but that was all.  After coming home from the hospital in 1992, He spoke to me audibly.  I finally said yes to whatever He wanted and had purposed for my life. I know that hearing His voice and ministering prophetically is real and from the right source. I have been doing my best to serve Him for quite a few years. I hope to continue serving in some capacity as long as I have breath.