Speaking Truth to Prophetic Chaos ~ Part 2

I recently wrote about speaking truth to prophetic chaos. The discord seems to have worsened since then. More prophetic ministers and pastors have apologized, but again with opt out clauses. Many of these people are still only focused on not being accurate with their word that Trump would win the 2020 election. I wrote four years ago that God spoke to me regarding the 2016 election saying of Trump, “He will win but he will not serve.” Another prophetic minister heard those same 8 words but now feels they mean Trump would not serve the system. I disagree vehemently. Growing up in a military family, I learned what it means to serve. Giving one’s all for God and country. Often putting yourself at risk, but not complaining. Always ready to serve. Never one that would abandon your post or creed. In my walk with God, service is a part of my life with God. Trusting Him and always trying to draw closer. No matter what certain evangelicals professed, I never witnessed this with the one elected President in 2016.

So, if one says they heard God tell them that Trump would win in 2020, who then did they hear? What did they sense, feel, witness, or dream? Something was quite off. Were they caught up in the fervor of other prophetic people who stood by what they said they heard even up to and on January 20, 2021? Are they with those who believe it still might be changed, or maybe they missed it and it was win one term, then a break, and then win another term? Some feel they had to stay with this prophecy because they could pray it in. Trump would help them fight against abortion. But during the 2016 primary, you had decent Republican candidates like Kasich or Bush that would have also appointed judges to their liking and could also be upright men at the same time. Even Cruz would have not fully maligned the office of President and given judges that evangelicals wanted. I voted for Kasich even though I knew who would win. The fact that people bought into the platform and seductive drawing proffered by Trump seems to be left out. Much like when the King of Babylon sent men and letters to Hezekiah, King of Judah, and Hezekiah showed them all the treasures of his house. They would later take them all. Much like what many religious leaders today did with Trump. He saw all they had, wanted, and were willing to do for a seat at the table. Grifted by one who had done that for decades. But no prophetic voice today was heeded when warnings were given like there was in the prophet Isaiah when Hezekiah reigned.

Many now speak of an increased fear in government, yet had a sense of protection under President Trump. They listened to what so many prophetic voices declared, when in essence they prophesied lies. This spirit that works from the enemy has brought strong delusion that is still entrenched in the thoughts of many. How else could one explain the excitement of following after that man coming down that New York City escalator? Believing what he proposed? Ignoring cases brought against him for tenant abuse, especially people of color, in properties he owned. Using illegal immigrants and treating them poorly in constructing places he owned, Anti-trust violations, race baiting in doing all he could to work to put the Central Park Five in jail forever and never apologizing even after they were found not guilty. Swindling and cheating those who had contracts to work for him was common practice. And if things didn’t work out, just go bankrupt. Treating women shamefully, often against their will. Paying hush money to keep them quiet. Birtherism he started with President Obama. And of course, saying “good people on both sides” in Charlottesville. This is a fraction of things that could be listed to ask why in God’s name did people become ensnared by this which would have been rejected outright if Trump had remained a democrat. He knew years ago what he needed to do to be successful. And an idol was erected that so many still bow to. And that evil spirit of fear is still at work so that many still follow him.

Many still believe the lies and find reasons to fault the enemy for what they did wrong in embracing that which was contrary to the teachings of Christ. Contrary to His Way! They look for counsel from those who still lead them astray like any monthly prognosticator. Only you can deliver yourself from where you are and walk in truth. If you continue to look to man for your answer you will walk in continued darkness. Look to Him. Embrace the Cross! That is the only true path. His Word is truth and life. If you continue to embrace that which doesn’t line up with His heart you will be in a constant state of doubt and anxiety. But He will give you good counsel. He will instruct you in the midst of storms and even as you sleep. Just set Him ever before you. His justice will always prevail.

So where do we go from here? How do we repair the division in our country and in our Church? How do we repair our status in the world? How do we turn down the rhetoric and the anger that is so prevalent? We start by repenting. Everyone. There is no one that hasn’t harbored something in their heart that adds to the division. Thoughts alone, even not voiced, can cause terrible harm. To others and to you. So that you do not misunderstand what I’m saying in this post, I’ve prayed for all in leadership. Yes, even Trump. If he had changed, all of us would have profited. Some repentance will need to go deeper. There are some people so inextricably stuck in this chaos they will need to be prayed for like one being de-programmed. The daily lies, acceptance of evil evidenced by conspiracy theories and things like QAnon, have taken a toll. People have left churches in anger. That must be rectified. Friendships and even relationships in families have been torn and fractured. Some seemingly irreversible. And what of those who defended lies that stated the virus was a hoax or that masks infringe on your first amendment rights. Masks are not just about you.  They protect your fellowman.  Will you apologize to those thousands who have lost loved ones? What of those in ministry that still lead their sheep astray by claiming the election was lost because of fraud? Is your God so small He can’t stop that from happening? Time for many of you to step down or take a sabbatical.  The enemy comes to rob, kill and destroy. And too many have let him. We need to stand firm but always speak truth in love. And sometimes we just have to be quiet and bring it to the Lord in prayer. For a long time now, I’ve asked His truth and mercy to blanket our land. I’ve also asked for discordant voices, Trump among them, to be quieted. Not killed or hurt. Quieted. We are to represent Christ in everything we do. Those that walk contrary to that are of the world and those that embrace the world walk in error. Speak and walk in His love.

Proverbs 28:4 in the Passion Translation states, “Those who turn their backs on what they know is right will no longer be able to tell right from wrong.” I so fear many now walk this way. I am speaking from a heart that breaks from what I see. And I identify with Paul in 2 Corinthians 11 in that I too burn with indignation when I see so many fall from being led astray and into a path of sin and hate. We are to be imitators of Him. Cast off darkness and those who walk in it. We are to shine as His light. Examine yourself to make sure you walk as one of His. I pray the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guards your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Blessings.

Speaking Truth to “Prophetic Chaos” ~ Part 1

It seems that every year prophets of every shape and size start sending out notices of their upcoming word for the next year. Many of these words have been quite generic or based on the political climate or whatever seems to be the aggregate they’ve agreed on. As I recently wrote, I see many of these people actually not deviating much from those prophets of Baal who yelled and ran about cutting themselves in order to hear an answer. They’ve doubled and tripled down on their belief that the Lord told them Trump would win again. At least the false prophet, Balaam, who often would speak at the behest of those who hired him, could only speak God’s word of truth when His spirit was on him. That seems to have by-passed many “prophets” today. So, what could have caused such an auditory mishap from so many who proclaim to be God’s mouthpiece? Is it the Lord they are hearing, or has something else caught their attention? Everyone can miss it, but it is incumbent on those who believe God has spoken through them to immediately confess when they are wrong.

Speaking prophetically has become so commonplace and prolific that a word in season becomes lost amongst the continual onslaught and barrage of never ending “words of the day, week, and year.” So many have surpassed in totality of words that which was spoken by ALL the prophets of the Old Testament. And then you add in speaking tours, prophetic courses, books and lesson plans, all for the low, low price of whatever. And these same people have been promising to apologize for what they missed, re: Trump and the November, 2020 election. But wait. We need to hear about another court case, and another fraud allegation, and maybe congress will overturn the election or maybe V.P. Pence will. Nope. Guess God got it wrong. Seriously? At what point do you just stop this nonsense and realize you got it wrong and that which was the purveyor of this madness and misdirection also had you under his spell. The prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2) has been at work, but so much of this evil has been too easily followed. Prophecies given by so many speaking of Trump and his ascendancy to power in 2015-2016, I feel were misunderstood. But why?

I had been on my face in prayer and intercession a week before the 2016 election when God spoke to me audibly regarding Trump. The Lord said, “He will win but he will not serve.” Eight words. I wrote on this before. I knew what was coming. Yes, Trump would be a wrecking ball, but not in the way so many gleefully awaited this to be made manifest. This would come through our nation and uncover that which was simmering below the surface. Hatred, chaos, racism, rise of autocracy, and to reveal what was really in the hearts of so many. Especially those in the church. Those who once purported to stand against racism, misogyny, speaking evil of others, bullying, cheating, lying and so many other things once considered sin, were now O.K. And what was there was indeed uncovered for all to see. To those who were given charge of His sheep, yet embraced this wrong, I heard the Lord say, “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.” At no time in our history has a person with no political clout, a proven track record of misdeeds, lies, bankruptcies and other fiascos, been spoken of as a terrible person by his opponents and then suddenly embraced and kowtowed to. This was the enemy. His spirit of fear permeated our land and we allowed it. The Lord did not order it, nor was it from Him. And now we have seen our U.S. capitol assaulted by misguided people under the influence of evil for the first time since 1812. Shameful. I was praying in the Spirit and in tears for hours before that happened knowing full well something horrible was to happen. And already the trolls are out trying to misdirect fault for this heinous act. But I pray out of this evil will come repentance and a new awareness.

I’ve discussed before the different ways the Lord speaks to me. He often will speak in the middle of what I’m doing and use that. Reading a book, the Bible, a movie or past things He brings to remembrance. In October and November of 2019, He spoke a line from a play to me. When He does something like that, I know I’m to look into every part of what He presented to me. He spoke, “Something wicked this way comes.” That’s from Macbeth. I had not read that since around 1970. I knew what He was saying and how it was pertinent to today. These were witches that spoke this of Macbeth. They had also prophesied his ascendancy to king. These witches also spoke in this same Act 4, “Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” Macbeth was hellbent on power to the point of destroying his rivals. He would remove any obstacles to his road to power no matter what it took. Eventually things catch up with him and those close to him that help him stay in power turn from him. Eventually, a person of worth, Macduff, kills him and removes his head. I’m not speaking death to anyone. This is analogous to headship changing and those who once propped up an unscrupulous leader now were turning against him. We see things like this with today’s Lincoln Project of disgruntled Republicans and past party members walking away and speaking out. The Lord also showed me what was just the beginning of a serious disease would become so horrible, and much of the problem would be exacerbated by those refusing to do the basic things needed to stay safe in this pandemic. What should have been a total effort to attack this pandemic would be politicized, and many in the church would be part of the problem. He also showed me the great chasm in the church that would become worse. Lies and conspiracy theories would be accepted and spread by millions. I pray daily that His truth and His mercy would blanket this land.

I have shared these words from the onset of my hearing them with just four people. My sister Beth who edits all I write and one I trust with anything. My ministry partner and best friend, Joe. My sister-in-law Mil and one who hears form the Lord. And Carl Thomas, the pastor of the church I attend, Revival Life Church. I always discuss with him what I receive and I value his input. I need to say that one important thing the Lord has impressed upon me is there is wisdom in fewer words. Playing to people’s fears through your own inability to be comfortable with God being quiet by increased verbosity may get you a response from like- minded people or those spiritually lost, but you do damage to the Kingdom. This is a darkness that Oswald Chambers referred to as only following your own point of view, prejudices, and preconceived determinations. Rather than react to every event going on in our country and claim it to be a prophetic word, the Lord has instructed me write that which warns, but uplifts. Identifies wrong, but encourages you to be closer to God. Encourage church community, but warn to reject all that does not line up with the teachings of Christ. I’ve tried to do that. We are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. We are to be separate from that which works to pull us from His presence. When you walk with those who operate in unrighteous deception, know you will be susceptible to strong delusion that God allows.

Colossians 2:8 states, “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the traditions of men, according to the principles of the world, and not according to Christ.” We are to be complete in Him, but this word tells us to beware. The onus is on us. As it says in 2 Corinthians 10, WE must take captive thoughts that do not line up with Him. Every thought must be in obedience with Him. As Jeremiah said in chapter 7:28, “We are a nation that does not obey the voice of the Lord nor receive correction.” We are faltering and yet His mercy prevails. It is new every morning. But know this, the Lord speaks to those who lead His people astray in Psalm 50:16 and says, “What right do you have to speak for me and claim My covenant promises as your own?” (Passion Translation) Love one another, be hospitable, minister to one another. Walk in truth. Cast all your cares and anxieties upon Him, but be vigilant, because your adversary, the devil, goes about seeking whom he may devour. In all things rejoice. He is still on the throne. He alone is God. Rest your hope in him. Remove that veil you put on that causes you to have clouded vision. This hope we have is a sure and steadfast anchor for our soul. Blessings.