Eight words ~ a Prophetic Message, Part One

On my Facebook posting of 1-14-17, I said I had been in deep intercession from what I heard spoken to me by the Lord regarding the 2016 election and events to come. The Lord speaks to us in so many ways. Too many to address in this posting.

There are two ways I hear the Lord speak that are the most profound. 1) An audible voice emanating from the midst of me, basically the center of my chest. The Holy Spirit speaking from where He took up residence when I accepted Christ as my savior; and 2) An audible voice speaking to me from right beside me. Close to me, just as a person would speak to me if standing beside me. Either audible voice will definitely get and hold your attention. Couple that with the awe of His presence, and you are a captive audience of one. I realize that many find hearing God spooky or weird, and many have claimed to hear His voice, when in actuality they have not. But those who take hold of the promise the Lord spoke of in John 14, realize that Christ promised us that the Holy Spirit would teach us all things. And yes, we would hear Him.

One week before the 2016 election, the Lord spoke to me audibly, as one standing beside me. When that happens, nothing else has the ability to distract us. I had been in prayer for days regarding the upcoming election. I knew the ensuing chaos would get worse. I felt Donald Trump could win this election and was bothered in my spirit over this. Actually, I was bothered by the thought of either candidate winning. Then the Lord spoke eight words. He said of Trump: He will win, but he will not serve. I questioned the Lord in detail regarding this, but He didn’t say anymore at that time. I did hear to keep my hands clean. I wrote in a candidate. A prophetic minister/pastor from Colorado heard the exact same eight words. We both heard not to write of this until after the election.

For a time, I wasn’t fully sure of the meaning of those eight words. Would Trump not end up being President? Would something happen to him so he couldn’t take office? Would someone do him harm? So I prayed protection for Trump, as anything done to remove him by harming him would cause even more division and hate than I already knew we were in store for. Since that audible word, the Lord has spoken to me in many different ways. I now realize that Trump will not serve at any time. “Service” is something that cannot be taken lightly. Jesus came to “serve.” He laid down His life. Any person in a position of trust and responsibility must learn to put the needs of others in high priority. There is often a laying down of self. One must provide something of value and dedicate their time to doing their best. No person in the armed services would want to be teamed up with a soldier that cares only for themselves. It can cost you your life. Those first responders running INTO, not away from, the twin towers on 9-11, did so knowing the cost. And so many lost their lives. So saying “he will not serve” caused me to become quite disheartened. I have been in prayer regarding this every day since the Lord spoke that to me.

What the Lord has shown me since then, I have been writing about in my blog and Facebook postings. Most include prophetic warnings and words of exhortation and encouragement. The end result is we must not become adversely affected by things we see on social media or on T.V. We cannot partake in that which only furthers this constant discord. I do pray always for our leaders and most importantly, I pray His mercy for this country. I pray we are all filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Be strengthened with His might. Walk in His light so as to not be deceived. Do not fret because of those who walk contrary to Him. Trust in the Lord and do good. Commit your way to Him and righteousness and justice shall be your portion. Blessings.

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