We Have Loosed the Locusts

There is nothing new under the sun. We learn not from our mistakes and so willingly commit the same ones again. Though we sometimes try to put a new spin on them, hoping we can somehow put on a cloak of invisibility and go unnoticed by Heaven above. We have done our best to make God in our own image, thereby negating His decree to make man in His image. And so many look upon what they have unleashed and they call it good and they line up to defend sin to their own detriment.

“People what have you done? Locked Him in His golden cage, golden cage. Made Him bend to your religion, Him – resurrected from the grave, from the grave. He is the God of nothing if that’s all you can see. You are the God of everything. He’s inside you and me.” (Lyrics to My God by Jethro Tull) We do this very thing in allowing Him to be used to advance an agenda that is man- made and ego driven. No matter that so many purport to believe in Him, it has become common to see those who were once seemingly in a place of standing, just use His name as a stamp of approval for their agenda.

I look at so many ministries that have put God’s stamp of approval on whatever they set out to do. There is a frightening nationalism that has been fully embraced by a large percentage of the church. Many in the church believe that aligning with political interests will cement and strengthen their power. No matter the cost. To the degree, that in some circles, the word “evangelical” evokes one who will go to any extreme to gain strength. Warnings from the word about false teachers and prophets who cause many to take their eyes off the teachings of Christ go unheeded. The worship of that which has no place in Him goes forth without shame. Those once considered fringe or extreme elements are now emboldened, and now openly work hand in hand with those who say they follow Christ. Jeremiah 8:12 says “They are not ashamed, nor do they know how to blush. Therefore, they shall fall among those who fall; In their time of punishment, they shall be cast down, says the Lord.” Yet, still so many in the church have embraced a doctrine that shackles millions of people in order to get what they want enacted. They knowingly align with a growing autocracy that limits who can vote and how one can vote. Rights that were fought for and that people died for are now being dismantled. Especially among people of color. Racism and anti-Semitism is increasing at an alarming rate. Yet, we have divided ourselves as those who feel this is acceptable, no matter the evil being perpetrated, and those who stand against this injustice. Lies have become so pervasive, yet the church will not stand against this, even for righteousness sake. How can that be? Abolishing and negating civil rights and voting rights is akin to removing ancient landmarks. There are curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 for that sin. Blessings for justice, honesty, equity and integrity. Choose wisely.

Repercussions for disobeying God’s word are profound. Idolatry has always been at the forefront. And worship of a man, who is the antithesis of all Jesus stood and died for, leads only to judgement. Joel chapter 1:4 says “What the chewing locust left, the swarming locust has eaten; What the swarming locust has left, the crawling locust has eaten; And what the crawling locust has left, the consuming locust has eaten.” These types of locusts speak to the different stages of the locust. From a pupa, a gnawer that cuts short, to a swarming locust that multiplies. Then a devouring stage, and finally that which totally consumes. As it says in James 1, we are tempted and are drawn after that which is not Christ and this births sins which when conceived, brings death. Coming judgement will be a direct result of our spiritual condition. Nahum 3:15 says “The fire will devour you, the sword will cut you off. It will eat you up like the locust.” Our idolatry has become a fire burning through the temple where we are to worship Him. I speak of our hearts. False doctrine and hatred have chewed and consumed us like the plague of locusts. Sheep are being devoured by ravenous wolves, many who claim to speak for God. And many who claim to know the truth are paralyzed by fear and refuse to stand up and be counted. They fear the threats of being ostracized and even killed. Only our adversary, satan, can be the author of this evil. Hopefully, our adversity will elicit cries for rescue and direction from the Lord. We are allowing the word to be stolen from our hearts by the continual gnawing of lies saying we’re still in His will. We are not. We refuse to attest to how this evil has increased and is now at the stage where it’s consuming us.

This is not just a prophetic allegory for 2022. Nor does this refer to Revelations Chapter 9. This is a warning for where we are now, and have been, and continue to be. We hold up our bibles to quote from the “good book” yet refuse to learn from the lessons it shows us. So many believe you can just call on the name of Jesus, as if you’re rubbing Buddha’s belly, and then all will be fine. All the while, the gnawing, devouring, and consuming locusts have taken up residence in your domain. We’ve not carefully tended the garden that represents our relationship with the Lord. We are responsible for the locusts being released. The locusts of greed, idolatry, hatred, racism, and walking contrary to Christ are gnawing away at our ability to discern truth. Jesus said in Luke 21 that tumultuous times and times of pestilence will come. The Greek word for pestilence is “Loimos.” It means pestilence, pest or plague. We are seeing that and will see more. We may see more than 1 million deaths from covid, yet how to deal with it has become a hot button issue, which many in the church seem to think is a political issue.We need to remember that the Lord has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him. We are to stand apart and be separate. We are to partake of His divine nature, thereby escaping the corruption that is in the world. That which tries to get us to take our eyes off Him will darken the skies, just as the locusts did in Exodus 10. Keep your eyes on Him. I pray His light shines in every dark place that may cause you to stumble. I pray that fervently for myself as well. Blessings.

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