Stepping Out ~ Part 2

Stepping out into something new, especially when it is unfamiliar, can be unnerving and even frightening. Imagine John Glenn’s first space travel. Can you imagine walking in space like Ed White did in 1965 tethered by only a line to the Gemini IV spacecraft? Or walking on the moon? There had to be a great deal of faith coupled with awe and even some sense of trepidation, even with all the training. But they did it. We too are often at a place where we must step out knowing it is new territory and a bit scary. Maybe not to the degree the astronauts encountered, but still breaking new ground and knowing you might not be received or you might fail.

In January of 1993, I stepped into new ground for me. I was still digesting all the information I was hearing from the Lord after my 18 minute cardiac arrest in July of 1992 and not fully sure how to process it all. But I felt I heard that I was not only to take a new approach to church and how I perceived it, but to also take part in the intercessory prayer group of that church. I had never gone to a prayer meeting of any kind, much less by myself. In fact, if my wife didn’t go to church for some reason, I would also stay home. But I went, and what I received I never expected.

I was quiet and stood back as I usually do. This was totally new to me. I prayed, but this was different. And I didn’t pray out loud among people I didn’t know. There was no pressure to pray and I finally started to feel a little bit comfortable. The corporate anointing was tangible. The more I felt it, the more I pressed in to hear. Suddenly with eyes closed, I was caught up in a vision. There was a storm and the elements were so real I could feel the wind and rain. The Lord showed me things that were to come in this storm that would affect the church corporately and this church I was now attending. I fully expected to be wind tossed and sopping wet when I opened my eyes. It was that intense and real! But the Lord wasn’t finished. He expounded on what He had said and shown me, and set what he wanted me to hear in a prophetic word. But then He told me to speak it! At that time, I hated speaking publically. He would not let up. I felt as if my heart was going to explode from my chest if I didn’t speak! So I spoke it. You could have heard a pin drop. I’m pretty sure that’s not what they were expecting to hear, and actually it was a pretty heavy word. If I had been on the listening end of this prophetic word rather than speaking it, I’m not sure if I would have responded either. But a couple of people heard the truth in it, yet they kept quiet. It was to be held onto until the right time to discuss it. There was one person there who would become my best friend, and he never forgot the gist of it. Things started to prophetically speed up from that point on.

In Stepping Out – Part 1 posted on 12/17, I gave examples of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego stepping into areas where there lives could have been forfeited, yet they still stepped out. Even into the lion’s den. Even into the fire. In Exodus 14, we see the river parted before the Israelites step in. Prior to that, they were complaining and fearful of Egypt even after all the miracles they had seen. But in Joshua 3, when the Jordan River was high and flowing fast, God required them to step into the river first. Then the river was parted. Sometimes we are required to step out in faith disregarding what our eyes see. No matter the circumstances, He is always with us. Even in trials and hardship. He does not leave or forsake us. It’s getting that in our heads that is the hard part. As it says in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will direct your paths.” I pray that His most abundant grace abound to you, and that you realize that it is sufficient for all things. Be confident in Him. Speak out. Step out. Blessings.

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