Predictions of what the future will bring, near or down the road, are as ubiquitous on the internet and facebook as cat and dog videos. And many of them are just as insightful. The discord of disagreeing opinions is unrelenting. Church leaders are still trying to show how their constant and repetitive predictions were correct and are adding attachments to their forecasting. Those who disagreed with these sentiments are saying why doom is imminent because of the outcome. Yet in the midst of all these messages of gloom and bright shiny days simultaneously, one thing is still missing. The church has yet to see the role it played in adding to the hate, division, and now this bitter animosity we see, and it continues to throw gasoline onto an already raging fire. Too much of “my side won” rather than prayer for His peace. Many say that they are not saying those things, but if you stand idly by with no response when others say hurtful and divisive things, then you’re part of the problem. I know that people on both sides of the issue are making polarizing statements, but the Church is supposed to be seen as a light in this world.

This is much like the practice of fracking. People want to get oil and gas out of the ground as quickly and cheaply as they can. So they force a mixture of water, sand, and dangerous chemicals into a crack in the earth’s structure. They get their oil and gas, but in the process they pollute drinking water, and the waste water from this has no place to go. Pressure builds up and seismic activity is induced, eventually causing an earthquake. Some areas have had drastic increases in earthquakes as well as an increase in the magnitude. This is analogous to what we see some are doing in the evangelical community. They are so intent on getting their message through that they pay no heed to the measures they use to be heard and of the consequences of their methods. Christ is usually absent from the ways many have chosen to align themselves to hate and discord. The ways justify the means. They celebrate what they feel is a victory, but the way in which this has been done has brought dishonor to Him. They have listened for the voice of God in the great wind that can tear apart mountains and feel they heard Him speak in the earthquake. They saw and heard directions in the fire of chaos, but they missed what He said in that still small voice. And He is still saying things in that still small voice for what may still come. But they’re listening to the storm, not to Him.

So the forecast says there is no lull after the storm. It still rages. There will be all types of inclement weather. It will be like watching the different tracks of computer models for a hurricane and the forecaster having no idea which one is correct. They will say a weather satellite is no longer in orbit so it’s just too hard to predict what this storm will do. Try speaking to it! Tell it to dissipate! Christians need to believe and show who He is in them. Quit following those who speak great swelling words of emptiness. They are like clouds without water. Behavior contrary to the teachings of Christ produces only division and ill will. Again, come out from among them and be separate. Quit fretting over every new thing you hear. As it so profoundly says in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Blessings.

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