Pastors and prophets have for months now been telling you what they will do regarding this election. It has become commonplace to call evil good, and good evil. They cite a couple of examples of how the person lines up with what a Christian should believe but disregard so many other glaring faults that should disqualify that person. They choose to compromise contrary to God. Many of these well known pastors have brought a wolf into their congregations to fellowship with them under the pretense of introducing them to the congregation. Sheep usually follow the shepherd. They see a wolf on a leash and think maybe they are safe. He’s the shepherd, so why would he put them in harm’s way? They follow aimlessly, but a sense of unease is starting to take root. They argue with some of their fellow sheep and some walk off on their own. Usually, to their demise. Something is off but they are not able to recognize what it is with any discernment. Too much discord causes stress. Soon their wool loses its sheen and thickness. They’re still looking to the shepherd, but he is self-absorbed, and because he has stepped into an arena that caters to his own self-interest and not the flock, he is now unable to see the danger he has loosed within his own flock. Now the sheep head in different directions, as the voice of the shepherd no longer is one of truth and right standing authority. Some people look upon all of this and shake their heads in dismay. What shepherd, aware of his standing before the one who entrusted these sheep to him, would lead their sheep to drink from bitter and polluted waters? These shepherds thought they tamed this wolf, but they set him loose among the unsuspecting. For the wolf, it is now mealtime.

Still, these men who purport to serve God and look after His sheep, come up with so many reasons why they are right. I’ve spoken to quite a few people that are either on the fence regarding belief in Christ or are even agnostic or atheist.  They see this as a good reason to remain where they are. I am thankful He allowed me to speak to them in the hope something might resonate. The Lord did not tell me that His choice was Trump or Clinton. He did point me to His word and I know it did not change. He likened this to Genesis 11, when the people listened not to God but went off united on their own path. But the Lord told me that it was His mercy displayed when He confused their language so that they would not be able to understand one another. But He is not doing that now. He is leaving us to our own devices. We already do not understand each other, yet continue to rail against every precept He has set before us in an uncommon unity. When we follow things that appeal to the most vile and visceral parts of our nature, how can we expect to hear Him with clarity? Something in my spirit has been in a state of continual unrest and agitation for too long. My prayer time, for this especially, has increased. If people could truly look to see what they have willfully followed, and the hate and discord it has wrought, would they stop and realize the destruction they have brought upon the Kingdom? I’m speaking to those who say they are Christians. What have you done with the teachings of Jesus? Are you aware that this same hatred you voice against so many you openly disagree with has such a negative but forceful power to cause lasting damage? Are you aware that this same hate-spewed venom is tapped into the main root of that same spirit of hate that said to Pilate of Christ, “CRUCIFY HIM!”?  Are you no more enlightened then they were that day? As I keep saying, come out from among them!

It is said that if God’s people will humble themselves and pray, seek Him, and repent, He will forgive and heal this land. It is never too late. I pray as Paul did in Rom. 15:13 “that the God of hope will fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Blessings.

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