Obama Dream

I’m sharing a dream the Lord gave me in October, 2012 because it’s so pertinent to what is going on and what is present in what we see every day. What was shown to me has such important implications regarding the state of relations between races, especially black/white, that we must recognize that if it is not addressed, and if healing does not come, then this state of unrest may be irrevocably broken.

This dream was the most vivid, Technicolor dream I’ve ever had. It is still as intense today as it was four years ago when I first had it. In this dream I am sitting on a lawn, not sure where, with perfect green grass. I’m talking with some unidentified people, presumably about scriptural matters, as my bible is with me and I have paper and notes in front of me. Not sure if I was teaching, but that’s usually how I have things arranged when I do. Suddenly someone came up behind me on my left side and as I looked up it was President Obama. I did not get up but just looked up and said, “Hello, Barack.” Immediately, the Spirit of the Lord convicted me for my lack of respect. I stood at once and apologized and then said, “Hello Mr. President.” He was wearing a dark blue colored suit, with a brilliant and resplendent white shirt with gold Presidential marked cufflinks, a light blue tie with matching clasp, and black three eyelet shoes.

When I first spoke to him with disrespect, the President looked a bit hurt as if I had inflicted a wound with my attitude, but he still remained as if he knew I had something to say. I did. I then shared prophetically the deep and abiding love God had for him. I told him that God had so many things to say to him and that he must believe and expect to hear from the Lord in dreams, audible words from Him, from reading the Word, and from counsel that would be sent to him. The closer he got to the Lord, the easier it would be for him to discern what was from God and what was from man. I told him I would pray for him daily and that I would tell others of this so that they would also. I could see the depths in his eyes of the weight he was carrying in his position and from not being lifted up as he should be in prayer. They stay with me still. His countenance was different than when I first encountered him.

The dream then shifted to a new scene. I was now walking and suddenly, Michele Obama came running up to me and gave me a hug. She had tears in her eyes. She said I had no idea how much the prayers have helped. She thanked me and asked that I would continue. I said I would but was blown away that the prayers had already made a difference. Then in the same dream the Lord showed me a vision. It seemed like silky strands, multiple and increasing and impossible to count, but on closer investigation it was like a large spider web. The kind that you don’t really see clear enough to avoid until it’s stuck to you. You’ve walked in it and you try to quickly get if off and hope no spider is in with the parts of the web stuck to you. I then asked the Lord what is this? He responds, “this is a spirit of racism. It is very insidious and is only getting worse. It doesn’t have to be seen first to stick to you.” End of dream.

I awoke and wrote this down. I realized of course that I was a representation of the church that should be praying and that the church has dropped the ball on praying for those in leadership unless it is someone they voted for. That is not scriptural and it cannot go well for you when you work contrary to the word of God. Each day since that dream, I’ve seen things get worse with how people interact and the hatred that is endemic in our society. I realize this President has been publically disrespected more than any other in too many ways that are totally undeserved. This has nothing to do with agreeing with this man’s policies or his political party affiliation. It goes deeper. For my part, I pray daily for him as I did for the past president. These are troubling times and people of faith need to stand up and take their place in prayer. It is written that people will know you are followers of and believers in Christ by the love you show to one another. Your actions and words dictate who you serve. Follow the only true path.

One thought on “Obama Dream

  1. A very moving post for me. Although I didn’t share the experience with Kenny’s parents as you, I gathered true understanding of having a friend as important as Kenny. Living in NC in the early 50’s, there were many signs of segregation for everyone to observe and to experience. At my young age it was confusing to me, I was brought up to be love and respect everyone because we were all human, we saw no color.
    In the early 60’s , my dad was stationed in Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii. Spent a half year in 8th grade and my first 2 years of high school.
    As a Caucasian (haole) there were certain hallways that you didn’t walk through. This was my first real experience in understanding what it was to feel prejudice. I guess the point to this is, the 4 brothers you spoke of, to each other, we were just human beings that cared for each other, Kenny Weeks to me was that corner stone!


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